Ever wake up and think, “Um…this isn’t the same place I remember from the day before. What gives?” If you have, maybe you’ve moved from one Multiverse to the next. And, let’s just say that has happened. Have people close to you suddenly seem to behave differently? Do co-workers or the company you work for seem to be on a completely different path overnight? Do you watch or read the News and wonder what path to Hell you’ve discovered?

Have you noticed any consistency between the ‘Verses? Day and Night. Blue skies. Yellow Sun, and so on? How about the concepts of Love and Hate? Truth and Lies? Right and Wrong? How about social norms? Are the forks on the left when they used to be on the right? Did your political party flip-flop on issues you thought were set in stone? Is there a new set of values that seem to have magically appeared from nowhere?

If you’ve answered, “Yes” to more than a couple of the questions above, there’s a very good chance that either you’ve flipped into another ‘Verse or other people have flipped into yours. Remember; it’s not all about you. Sorry, Truth hurts.

What should you do about this? You might conform or adapt to your new ‘Verse, or you can fight against it. There’s a third possibility, though. That third possibility is to establish rational discussions based on what seems to be universal truths. You might be asking, “Who’s in charge of determining these truths?” That’s a great question. The answer is suprisingly simple, actually. The answer is all of those very smart, philosophical and caring people from history across the ‘Verses. Our ancestors.

Though it would be easy to fall back into a religion or psychological arena, I’m not going there. However, it’s pretty certain that a lot of the same societal laws from pre-history made their way through the verbal transmission over the ages and into religious and psychological teachings. Instead, we’re going to review simple tried-and-true truths, and explain how they can best be utilized in the world we’re living in now.

You’ll read and hear me state over and over again that wandering through the Multiverse is like entering a large unknown and mysterious Plaza. You can either try to run back home, lock your doors and hide under your covers, or… You can explore the Plaza, learn about yourself and others and have everyone come away with something more hopeful, reflective, and perhaps even dismissive. But, most importantly we can learn together in a respectful and constructive manner.

Not everyone is going to agree with everything. That’s part of Human Nature, and that’s something that seems to be pretty much the same no matter what ‘Verse you’re in. Because this can and will happen, it’s important that all parties keep their heads. We shouldn’t act like two year olds holding onto our precious thoughts and throwing temper tantrums when someone challenges our perceptions. Feelings are an important part of our lives, but without rationale behind the feelings there’s nothing but chaos. When the conversation breaks down into chaos, the possibilities of a hopeful resolution float away like dust. Dust that will only settle on deaf ears and stone cold hearts. Dust that will only be swept aside without consideration.

We’ re going to use Aesop’s Fables in our discussions. Please listen to the third podcast, Androcles. Not only is it a very touching story, it’s a terrific way to begin the conversations we need to have.

Let the healing begin!