From Innocence

A Personal Journey

I remember being a happy kid when I was little. I remember playing with my Mom and Dad when I was about three years old. I know that things weren’t perfect back then. Yet, there was a sense of love and attachment. There were rules of right and wrong, but nothing traumatic. I was a kid who wanted my parents to love me and like me. I don’t think that’s an unusual set of thoughts for a child. Do you?

But, something did happen.

I think the first time I experienced a shift in the Multiverse was when I was very little. I was about three years old. There was something on T.V. that I didn’t understand, and it was keeping me from my cartoons. Mom told me that it was the funeral for our President Kennedy. Though I didn’t have a concept of “President”, Mom explained he was a leader for our country. That’s when I learned about what a “country” was. That’s also when I learned what “death” meant.

It seemed like things kept getting worse from there. In 1968, Dad came home from work very worried. I had just turned eight years old that hot summer of 1967. There were reports that people were shooting each other in our city and in Detroit just 90 miles away. That’s the first time I had heard that there were problems between black and white people. Again, the Multiverse split at that point in time.

There was a new counter-culture that sprang up around that time, too. I didn’t know what to make of these people. Some looked friendly. Others looked scary. I didn’t know much about these people for quite a few years. Even now, I wonder if the people I knew then are still part of the “Multiverse” I’m in, now. I did like a lot of their music, though.

With all of the weird and scary things that did happen back then, there were also some really exciting times for me. Most importantly, we landed on the Moon and came back home safely! What a tribute to human dedication! With the ever continuing miniaturization of electronics, we had more reasonably price color T.V.s, radios and household gadgets. Cars were becoming more stylish in a modern way. Some were more luxurious, while others were more economical and others were powerful machines that ate pavement for dinner! Star Trek had been canceled, and so was Lost In Space. That was disappointing until local stations began to beam repeats every day.

The next split in the “Verse” happened after I began Junior High. The world seemed to get colder. There was more anger, and behavior that was decidedly deviant in nature to the normalcy of that “Verse” and day became more prevalent. Scary times again! I noticed there was a new “push” in school. That push was what I like to call “D.E.M.S.”. I know that sounds like I’m calling out a certain political party, but what it stands for is:

– Drugs
– Environment
– Multiculturalism
– Science

There was a huge push to eliminate the drug culture. In my young mind, I always thought, “One way to get people to want more of something is to tell them they can’t have it.” Face it, as a kid, if you’re told you can’t have any more candy…what do you want more than anything? I didn’t want to see people killing themselves over it, but by the 1970’s, I was already seeing that drinking alcohol was just as serious in its own way.

We started learning more about the harm being done to the environment. Yeah, I hate to see trash on the road. I think that’s just laziness from people who refuse to properly take care of their stuff. It’s like they don’t care about anything. Dump and move on. But, we were hearing that by 2000 there would be too many people, the air would be too polluted to breathe, and the oceans were going to die. Yet, here we are, and things are actually getting better. True, some things could be improved upon, but face it; we’re doing better!

I remember my parents talking about having “Civics” class. I never had that. I had “Social Studies”, and we were being taught to embrace other cultures. You know, that sounds great as a kid. Especially a kid that’s been living in the Cold War and worried that Russia was going to Nuke us out of existence. It’s a very seductive thought to live in a world without conflict. Yet, what they don’t tell you is that even though we think that’s great, those other countries don’t want to have any part of it. They want to be their country. And, with that kind of teaching (or indoctrination, as it’s being called today) it’s no wonder that there are a lot of Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials and Gen Z’s that are thinking that’s the way it should be. The sad truth is they’re not seeing the truth of the world.

The last was Science. I loved science class in school. I liked making batteries to run little motorized cars. I liked astronomy and geology. I liked some biology, but wasn’t interested in pursuing it. And, when taking with people I thought were very intellectual, I was being told by some that Science was the answer to our questions. God wasn’t. That stunned me at first. I had gone to a Lutheran school for three years, and I still had a lot of that burned into me. Yet, the arguments were convincing. No God. Everything was from random events. Wow! How cool, eh?

But, the older I became the more I realized that the D.E.M.S. were wrong. I don’t think legalization of drugs is an answer. You just get more drug use. But, there really needs to be a better solution that “lock them up” or “give them free needles.” Seriously! Both are not going to get the user to learn to find themselves. And, I do believe that a lot of people take drugs to escape themselves, because they are not getting what they need without that stimulus. Maybe we need to do more teaching on how to tap that inner-self thing you keep hearing about. Maybe that’s what we need to focus on more than theories about what happened two seconds after the Big Bang. I think it would be more beneficial to mankind.

The environment…whew! I could get lynched for what I think about all the false reporting from N.A.S.A (documented, by the way), and all of the other agencies and countries trying to float the doomsday scenario. I do believe the Earth has the ability to cleanse itself. I do believe that we have done a lot to allow this to happen. Other places, like India and China, need to get on-board as well. We’re not going to die in twenty years. There’s a certain politician right now being the mouthpiece for her Socialist professor(s) and Social Justice group that hired here. So, either she’s such a good actress (or simply too dumb to know the difference) that she’s getting people to think she’s a genius. I get a big ol’ belly laugh when I hear that. People like that are simply over emotional, indoctrinated, knee-jerk reacting individuals who want so much to be right and heard! They need to have others recognize their level of commitment, even if their cause if false. It’s sad. And, a bit pathetic. They refuse to look at real evidence contrary to their indoctrination. All part of the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Multiculturalism, though I talked about it earlier, is a Western Civilization concept that has absolutely no relevancy in other cultures. Would you be shocked to know that the Muslims don’t want any other people but Muslims on the face of the Earth? Lies? No! Educate yourself! Look for true information. Don’t believe what you read in Facebook or Google or Twitter! Those people don’t want you to know the reality of what is happening in our world. I’m not a conspiracy theorist! I’m seeing things happen in real time by people doing very bad things to the U.S.A. You would, too, if you pulled off the blinders of the distractions you’re being inundated with every single day of your life! China doesn’t want to have immigrants. Mexico doesn’t want to have immigrants. Russia selects who they will allow in. Yet, there is a faction in this world led by very powerful, rich and absolutely crazy individuals that want to make the whole world come under one rule. That’s dangerous! Who’s going to stop the tyrants? Who’s going to police the police? When all of our guns are taken away, are we going to be the villagers with torches and pitchforks fighting for our lives and liberty against an armed military set against us? Or, will you simply roll over and be the obedient dog? Multiculturalism is an evil concept in the manner it’s being presented.

Does that mean I can’t appreciate another culture? Absolutely, not! I think there have been some amazing cultures over the ages, and even in our own age. Including ours! Western Civilization is not a blight on humanity. Western Civilization has helped bring people up, not down. But, when you have poor leadership (okay, I’ll just come right out and say, greedy/control freak/power hungry politicians), things are going to go badly. That’s where We The People have an obligation to make sure our way of life, you remember?…The way of life that actually works and moves people forwards? That way of life needs to be protected, not ridiculed and set upon from within by treasonous and venomous individuals with no soul. In fact, because they have no soul, they are trying to suck yours dry so they won’t be alone in their misery.

Which brings me to Science. This bothers me a lot. I love knowing how things work, but I don’t like being told something is the truth when it’s just a theory! Scientific laws change faster than underwear! And, don’t fall for those that “feel” that their work has brought them closer to God. They wouldn’t get any more funding if they admitted that. Universities don’t want God or Religion to be a part of your life. So, anyone doing work for a University isn’t going to talk about God in the work they do. And, for me, it’s not a big stretch to see that there are things that are so beautifully and meticulously made, that something out there could have designed it. You don’t have to believe in God! You do need to believe that there is more to life than random events. The Multiverse is too complex and convoluted to be a series of randomness.

Start believing in yourself. Look in the mirror, and take stock of what you see. Take time to listen to your thoughts, and not thoughts of other people! Face your fears, and learn to control your urges. It’s a struggle, but once you get there you can look outside yourself. Learn the person or people you’re with. Don’t let it be superficial anymore. Get in-depth. It’ll scare them, but once you explain why you’re doing this they’ll probably respond in a beautiful way.

Maybe you’re already self-enlightened. Are you practicing what you’ve learned? Are you trying to get other people to understand what that means? Have you given up on humanity?

Here are some other events that I believe have caused a split in the “Verses.”

– America’s pull out of Vietnam
– The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr
– The assassination of Robert Kennedy
– Biological Warfare
– Whatever happened on 9/11
– US War in the Middle East
– The European Union
– Recent Democratic Leaders and Wanna-Be’s
– The Socialist culture
– The absolute appalling nature of people on the Left after Trump’s election
– The infusion of tens of thousands of immigrants into the US without citizen approval
– The No-Go Zones that have sprung up across our great country by those same immigrants
– A Race War about to be waged for no damned good reason!
– An economy based on speculation, and not on true value

Shall I go on?

Some have looked at this and have wondered, “ElDee? Is this some kind of ‘Manifesto’?” No. These are simply observations and opinions that are mine, and of others who have looked beyond the immediate NewsSpeak drivel that’s being pumped into the average person’s life. I believe that George Orwell was just about 30+ years off on his 1984 prediction. But, maybe he was right in another “Verse”? I don’t know. I’ll never know. But, I can tell you; this is not the “Verse” I was born into. Others have said the same thing, and I believe them. Some might say they base this perception based on a Leftist perspective. I’m simply saying it based on the patterns, release of true information and the ability to see B.S. a mile away (when I’m looking for it).

Feel like the “Verse” has flipped on you? Don’t feel alone. You’re not. We can work together to put things right, or we can just hope that this will self-adjust. I think that’s a pretty far-fetched actuality. Maybe this reality is Hell for previous actions on our parts? Maybe not. Again. Who’s to know?


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